The Agenda

The Agenda

An appointmentcalendar 2 has been penciled onto your calendar, and your attendance is confirmed!

But you never made the appointment, nor do you care to honor it. Yet you have no choice but to show up. You have no clue when or where this meeting will take place. It could happen anywhere, on any given day, at any given time. And you will be there!

It could happen while playing hard at the ballpark. It could happen while on an airplane at 38,000 feet. Perhaps you’ll be driving on the highway, lying peacefully in your bed, or reveling with friends at your favorite hotspot. It won’t matter who you’re with, or what you’re wearing. Your job, possessions or social status won’t play a role. Your loved ones can’t force you not to go. You can’t postpone the appointment, send your secretary in your place, negotiate or bride your way out. It’s that kind of an appointment—Date: Unknown. Time: Unknown. Venue: Unknown. Unexpectedly, one day, your name will be called, and you will drop everything and go!

Whatever the circumstances that precede your appointment—a drunk driver crosses the red light at the moment your vehicle is at the intersection; the engines of a 747 give up and it plummets from the skies with you as one of the passengers; your heart sputters to a halt; or some virulent disease creeps its way into your DNA—no matter how that fateful appointment comes, or when it does, you will be there; you’ve got no choice in the matter.

There is one thing you can choose, however: The contents of the meeting agenda. And that makes all the difference in the world! After a brief period in a waiting room, you will be ushered to the meeting venue where, bullet by bullet, page by page, you present your agenda:

  • Meeting purpose: Your life in review.
  • Scope: Birth to time of the appointment.
  • Discussion Points: Every act you’ve ever committed, every word ever spoken, all thoughts entertained, and all feelings harbored.

The world will be your stage as you confront every infinitesimal detail of your time on earth. The things you are most shameful of, those your peers, boss, spouse, friends and family do not know about; the things human authority cannot detect, things that would land you in jail, make you media fodder, the church’s gossip fuel, the family’s black sheep or the office water cooler’s favorite topic; they will all be up for debate. And the meeting will be broadcasted live for the entire universe to see!

As you can see, this is a most crucial meeting, and as such, preparation is key.

Presenters at these meetings fall into two groups. The first group recognizes the criticality of the meeting and accepts help from the Coach. He happens to be the meeting Moderator, and helps them carefully choose what appears on their agenda. They follow His guidelines for presentation content and style, and go to Him from time to time for guidance and correction. Since the Moderator’s ultimate purpose is their success, He will ensure they bring their A-game, with a solid agenda, to impress at the grand presentation.To Do List 2

The second group cares nothing for the Coach/Moderator. They give no heed to His instructions, pay no attention to the things being recorded onto their agenda, and make inadequate preparation for the grand meeting. When their time comes they will be shocked, bewildered, exposed. Utterly unprepared, they will stumble through the entire process and butcher the presentation as the world gawks at their mistakes. At last they will concede having squandered the time allotted them, and will be driven away shamed, defeated from the presence of the Moderator and those who prepared for the meeting.

Which of these two groups do you wish to present with? The contents of your agenda will determine your choice. My advice is: Hire the Coach. Follow His guidelines. Submit to His instructions. And do it quickly! You never know: You may very soon find yourself in the waiting room!

—Sam Belony, 1116A032116M


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